Dodge Steering Wheel Stabilizer Kits fix the Death Wobble

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If you own a Dodge RAM 2500 or Dodge RAM 3500 pick-up truck, you may be experience a shimmy feeling or wobble on the steering wheel and front tires. It may feel like the truck needs an alignment, but the problem may be much worse and far more dangerous if not addressed.  The steering connects the driver to the road and is an integral part of the driving experience. It can be ruined by a wobbly steering wheel, i.e. a steering wheel that isn’t stabilized properly. It can lead to a very dangerous condition called death wobble, which essentially happens in coil-sprung vehicles like the Dodge RAM 2500 and RAM 3500 pickup trucks. The instability sets in at relatively high speeds and can prove to be fatal if it isn’t addressed. Thankfully, help is at hand with the Dodge RAM steering stabilizer kit, American Made products are made available at a discount from

The parts are available for models starting as early as year 1994 to the most recent 2011 models. The stabilizer kit includes a cross member and a bearing, and the steering box sector shaft includes bearings. An additional bearing is added to this in order to reduce steering box play. This, in turn, reduces steering wobble. An additional cross member is affixed to the frame rails, which eliminates any flexing in the frame of the vehicle. All of these features together help to create a safer and more relaxing driving experience.

The kit can be installed by anyone since it does not require any welding or drilling. Detailed installation instructions are provided and are quite simple to follow. The hardware required to mount the cross member and the additional bearing is provided in the kit itself, so the procedure can be easily completed at home. The parts are all powder-coated for a better and longer-lasting finish. The precise instructions are available on the website itself. The basic steps are as follows:

  • The pitman arm is replaced with the new pitman arm.
  • The sector shaft bearing is then installed. As it is a tight fit, it might need a hammer to get it to fit properly.
  • The 7/16” bolts are installed using flat washers and nylock nuts.
  • The swaybar and the sector shaft bearing are bolted back into place, and the bearing is greased to allow free movement.

The steering stabilizer kit is available for the most common Dodge pickup trucks – the Dodge 2500 and the Dodge 3500. The kit makes the vehicles much safer and makes the driving experience a more engaging one. It is a relatively inexpensive way to make your Dodge pickup safer and better to drive, and is totally recommended. User reviews are available on the website as well, so prospective customers can make an informed decision.

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