Ford 6.0 EGR Delete Kit Install

Original EGR System Removal

Step 1: Disconnect Batteries

Step 2: Drain coolant

Step 3: Remove clips for plastic wire way located above turbo. Fold to windshield of truck.

Step 4: Remove upper fan shroud by prying away from radiator through slots figure 2.0/2.1

Step 5: Loosen hose clamps and remove intake tube figure 3.0. Then unscrew bolts and remove turbo inlet tube and PCV Valve figure 3.1

Step 6: Loosen clamps and remove charge pipe figure 4.0. Unbolt alternator and disconnect wires figure 4.1, then tilt towards front of vehicle. Note: it is not necessary to loosen belt tensioner.

Step 7: Disconnect downpipe by removing v-clamp from back of turbo figure 5.0 and remove the 2 bolts from the catalytic converter figure 5.1.

Step 8: Remove turbo charger. This is done by removing the two oil feed line bolts, VGT actuator wire, Up-pipe v band clamp, and the three turbo mounting bolts. It is strongly recommended to use penetrating oil on all turbo bolts, exhaust up pipe bolts, and pedestal bolts. Once these parts are removed the turbo will roll toward the passenger side of the truck and out of the pedestal. Figure 6.0

Step 9: Remove the turbo mounting pedestal, Remove the oil drain tube from the H.P.O.P cover figure 6.1


Step 10: From under the truck loosen and remove the exhaust manifold to passenger side up- pipe bolts figure 7.0. Discard these bolts new bolts are provided and should be used during reinstallation.

Step 11: Loosen driver side up pipe bolts to exhaust manifold figure 7.1. Note: It is not required to remove driver side up-pipe, it will make passenger side easier to remove.

Step 12: From the topside of the engine loosen and remove bolts attaching factory up-pipe toy- pipe figure 8.0. Remove y-pipe, this will give you access to remove and replace the factoryup- pipe. Figure 8.1

Step 13: Unbolt up-pipe from EGR cooler and remove up-pipe figure 9.0/9.1

Step 14:Loosen do not remove the intake manifold bolts on the driver’s side. Completely remove the intake manifold bolts from the passenger side and note their location using a piece of cardboard Remove the two bolts that go through the inner fan stator (located under the shroud) figure 10.0

Step 15: Remove the bolt that is used to stiffen the heater tube to the manifold (located below alternator). Bend this tab upward figure 11.0

Step 16: Remove EGR cooler mounting bolts (3 total) figure 11.1

Step 17: Lightly push down on the EGR cooler while pulling up on the intake manifold to disengage from the manifold figure 12.0

Step 18: While holding the manifold up with a small pry bar move the cooler toward the back of the engine. Continuing to hold the manifold up, lift and remove the cooler through the front of the engine. Be sure that all gaskets and o-rings are removed with the cooler figure 12.1

Step 19: Replace intake manifold bolts and torque to 120inlbs

Step 20: Install the 3/4” silicone hose, 3/4” 180 degree Stainless steel coolant tube provided, and the worm drive hose clamp rings loose on the hose.

Step 21: Grease the Custom Diesel billet adapter o-ring. Place into intake manifold bore. Finger tighten the two longer factory cooler mounting bolts. The third smaller bolt can be discarded figure 13.0

Step 22: Tighten billet adapter bolts to 120inlbs, while tightening make sure the o-ring stays in place and alignment is correct. Be sure not to over torque the bolts. Slide hose over the oil cooler nipple and tighten both hose clamps figure 13.1

Step 23: Remove factory EGR Valve from intake manifold and install Custom Diesel billet block off plate figure 14.0. Torque bolts to 120inlbs. Note: If vehicle throws a code or check engine light consider leaving factory EGR valve in place or install a tuner with EGR delete code.

Step 24: Install Custom Diesel 2” up-pipe using provided hardware and OEM gasket provided figure 14

Step 25: Reinstall turbo, all intake and exhaust tubes including down pipe, alternator, shroud, wires reverse order from steps 3 to 17.

Step 26: Refill with new coolant, use manufacturer recommended and mix according to label. Step 27: You are ready to test the Custom Diesel delete kit. Start engine and run till coolant circulates. Top off coolant system if needed. Make a close inspection for any coolant leaks or oil leaks.

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