Lowp Price Promise

Our Low Price Promise

Buy with confidence! If you purchase an item from Custom Diesel, and that exact same item appears on Custom-Diesel.com at a lower price within the next 30 days, we will refund 100% of the difference to you.

This Low Price Promise (LPP) applies only to purchases made from our main web store, Custom-Diesel.com. It is our intention to have pricing on eBay and Amazon be identical or at least very close to our main website, custom-diesel.com. However, please note, custom-diesel.com is under no obligation to match our eBay or Amazon pricing or vice-versa. These are separate businesses with separate and different cost structures, business models, and consumer benefits. 

If you purchase an item from Custom-Diesel.com, and that exact same item appears on Custom-Diesel.com, at a lower price within 30 days of your order date, we will refund the difference to you, using your original payment method. We will match Custom-Diesel.com prices if the lower price is the result of a permanant price reduction, an instant rebate or sale, subject to the list of exclusions below. Please note that the 30 day limitation will be strictly enforced. This policy excludes prices found on competitive websites. This is not a competitive price match policy. 

Why we don't match competitor's prices: Most competitive price guarantees require that the items being compared are identical. We do not match competitors' prices on most items because it is often impossible to verify that the competitive item is identical; in fact, many similar items found on competitive sites may look or sound the same, but the product quality is not. Matching quality is always subjective. 

To request your refund, simply send us an email to Sales@custom-diesel.com, with the date of your past purchase, and a link to the website page showing a lower price. Claims must be based on current, verifiable pricing. Historical pricing cannot be verified or honored. Please include your name and phone number. 
We reserve the right to modify or cancel this Low Price Promise at any time and without notice. Any modification will be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Low Price Promise. 

We reserve the right not to sell any item below our cost.  

Other exclusions: 

  • Coupon or discount code-required offers (in other words, the Promise applies to the comparison of base pricing only, not pricing resulting from application of discount codes or coupons); 
  • Scratch-and-dent, pre-owned, clearance, closeout, or out-of-stock items; 
  • Non-current prices or expired ads; 
  • Prices made possible through the use of special financing or loyalty programs;
  • Typographical errors; 
  • Gift with Purchase, Buy-One, Get One, or other Promotional offers;
  • Purchases for resale or commercial purposes. Guarantee only applies to purchases for personal use;
  • Neither shipping charges nor taxes will be used for comparison purposes; only the product price will be compared;
  • There is a limit of one guarantee claim per item, per customer;

Custom Diesel reserves the right to deny a price match at any time due to abuse or any other unforeseen circumstances.  


We appreciate your business!